5 video editing tricks for aerial photography

Aerial photography has been redefined completely with the introduction of drones into the video capturing industry. Those costly helicopter shots in movies and commercials are not so costly now thanks to the drone video footage. You might use your drone for the sheer fun of the hobby or you might have a YouTube channel, running an ads production agency, or working on low-budget video-based projects. It doesn't matter in what capacity you use a drone the thing is that you need to edit those aerial videos shot on your drone to make them look unique and stand out from the work of the others.

Get affiliated with the standards of drone video editing

While it is true that you can edit these captured videos using the official app of the drone that you are using but it only classifies as minimal editing. Putting some text or some cheap effects into it, if you need that video for your YouTube channel or some other half-decent project, you need to up your editing skills. A drone video editing software can be beneficial in this regard but you need to know first the elements that you will be editing. So, to make it easier for you and make your drone video footage stand out here are some of the things that you can do.

1. Edit for widescreen ratio

Have you ever noticed a weird detail whenever you are seeing a movie that the top and bottom of the screen have black bars with only the middle frame showing all the video? That is known as the cinematic effect, thanks to this little detail any video whether made for a movie, YouTube channel or video commercial looks stunning and cinematic. You can do the same to your flying drone video. If you are using a half-decent video editing tool then you would be able to achieve it rather easily. 

All you have to do is to create a rectangle object precisely the frame width of your video and fill it with black. Now duplicate it and place it at the bottom too. This will give a stunning impression to your drone video and instantly make it look clean and professional.

2. Speed control your video 

This might feel a little too simple for a tip that can bring out the cinematic experience in your drone video footage but it will make your video look more dynamic. You can play it on both ends i.e. making it run a little faster than the original speed for specific timelines and scenes to make a flashing revelation of something. At the same time, you can decrease the speed of the video to focus on a specific scene or subject. 

It gets more calming and builds a solid narrative of what you are trying to highlight. You can start the clip at normal speed then crank it up a little in the middle to get the hype up and slow it down at the end or use this orientation however you see fit. Your drone video will look polished, professionally edited, and spilling pizzazz all over the place. 

3. add Motion Blur

Motion blur is used either at the beginning of a video when the unveiling of the scene is to be commenced or somewhere in between to give a dramatic effect. It makes the videos come alive and imparts them a very rustic and film feel. Most of the time when you are out with your drone shooting landscapes, the trees, the ocean, the beach, or whatever it is that you are shooting, some distraction is bound to happen. The cheaper drone models don't have the natural blur and that is why to accommodate for it the motion blur is used. 

Out of all the options mentioned here to make your YouTube drone video stand out motion blur is the simplest to apply. All you have to do is to go to the filters section under the video button from your video editor and choose motion blur and then choose the very timeline where you want to apply it and it will be done just like that. 

4. Split-screen effect 

Split-screen is used in drone video footage more than you know and the primary purpose of this thing is to showcase an object or a spot shot from a drone in different angles. It is kind of a before and after effects, such as shooting a place from your drone in the sunset and in the sunrise or that kind of thing. The real trick for this neat little effect to go according to plan is to use two videos and place them side by side to create a mosaic-like flow of the two clips coming together as united. But if you want to showcase more than two viewing angles of that similar object then you can split the screen further into consecutive parts. 

Travelers traveling different places and shooting these with their drones might benefit from the split-screen effect. All you have to do is to upload all the video clips that you want to see in split fashion into your video editor and resize them using the drag and drop feature at specific timelines. This will split the screen and showcase these clips in a mosaic fashion side by side.

5. improve color gradient

Now, this might be the most time-consuming thing that you have to get on with when it comes to video editing but it is also the most paying off too. It allows you to tap into the most eccentric details of the video such as the shadows, color balance, white noise, and other things allowing you to customize the whole video and lend it a different mood and tone. It might get you plenty of runs before you find a theme that is fitting to your video so be patient with it. When you have developed a color gradient apply it to your video and make it blend with it for good.

Final Thought

Editing drone footage can be a challenging task and time consuming for many people but it is worth the patience always. So, don't overtly complicate the task and get down onto it using the options provided to you within the article. Possibly trying a few of these might do the trick for you.